Deborah Kaufman starts setting up the space for the Little Falls Presence Gift Shop.

The Little Falls Presence gift shop will be opening today at 410 Canal Place, the Stone Mill building, just in front of the UPS Store inside. The store is designed to showcase locally talented artists and artisans, and also to provide the kinds of gifts that tourists might want who visit Little Falls.

The store is an extension of My Little Falls, and according to General Manager, Deborah Kaufman, “We couldn’t find a more perfect location for our gift shop. With the new UPS Store, the Cafe, and Mangia Macrinas Wood Fired Pizza, the foot traffic couldn’t be better.”

“The concept for Little falls Presence is modeled after our fine-art-gallery gift shop in Texas.  The idea came about from conversations with a number of people looking for unique gift items and souvenirs with an artistic flair. We love the idea of being able to showcase some of our great artists and artisans in the store and look forward to expanding our inventory over the next few months to include a broader array of art-inspired gift items,” said Kaufman.

Neil Rosenbaum, one of the owners of Stone Mill said, “What’s really interesting about the first floor is how complimentary all of the business are. We get a lot of traffic from the cafe, we now have the dance studio moving in, which is going to have a very large amount of daily traffic, and the UPS store gets a constant flow of traffic all day long.”

“We see a lot of people looking for gift items and we’re excited about people being able to buy quality products with Little Falls connections. We get a lot of tourists because of the Inn and restaurants, so we think it’s going to be really successful, combined with the fact that you can walk across the hall and ship something home or as a gift,” he stated.

Rosenbaum said that the draw of Canal Place and the Canal has a lot of people coming through the area that would love to own something to remember their visit here.

“People are amazed at the beauty of Canal Place and the Canal, and the idea of having a way where you can bring a memento home or purchase a beautiful picture of the area is very connected to our goal of providing services that fit the community,” he said.

Some of the current artists represented in the store are Leslie Kubica and her illustrations, and Nathalia Hamid with her tea towels. David Warner has some prints of his paintings, as well as photographs, and Deborah Kaufman will have some new original oil paintings on the walls.

Little Falls’ Preserve Our Past (POP) will also be selling some gift items that will help them raise money for historic preservation in the City. You will also be able to purchase t-shirts, coffee cups, coasters, note cards, and Koozies.

The online version of the store will show items that will be on store shelves, as well as some others that will be available online only. You can find out more by visiting

A ‘My Little Falls’ gift shop located at 410 Canal Place at the Stone Mill in Little Falls,
designed to celebrate our pride in the City and showcase its talented artists and artisans