by Dave Warner

You have a new option when it comes to finding the right flowers and vegetables for your garden, right here in Little Falls with AW Greenhouse Gardens which is located at 463 West Main St. The A and W stands for Angela and William, just to clear that up.

Angela Fazekas has been in the flower business for several years, but it was a tragic sequence of events that caused her to open the new business. “I lost my grandmother two years ago and we lost our father-in-law in the last year and between the two of them, they taught us everything we know about gardening and flowers.”

She and her husband were just driving by the business one day, looked at each other, and said, “should we?”

“We stopped and looked at it, and it kind of spoke to us. It was a sign,” she stated.

Even though they are not a big named company, they feel like the business has more heart and meaning behind it than many others.

They have hanging baskets, vegetable and flower plants, and indoor plants as well. Another interesting item that you can purchase is jam, jellies, marinades, and sauces. “We’re going to offer Adirondack sharp cheese and when produce is ready, that will be available too,” said Fazekas.

When they offer fresh produce for sale, she figures it will be nice for the people who can’t get out of town to shop for it. “We’re going to try to have a little bit of everything. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, all kids of peppers, cauliflower, eggplant, and even some lettuce, depending on how it goes.”

All of the items are grown on her own property, and they have plenty of fruit trees and may offer fruit from those as well. “They were things my kids planted when they were little.”

She does her own jams and they are bottled under the Robert Rothschild label. “I wanted to offer them here in Little Falls because they taste so good.”

Photo by Dave Warner – Jams, jellies, marinades, and sauces, are also available for purchase at AW Greenhouse

In the fall, they plan on offering mums, Indian corn, apples, cornstalks, and bales of hay. “Pumpkins for sure because we grow them and have giant ones. It’ll be better to offer them down here, instead of up there,” she stated.

Then for the Christmas season, they will have wreaths and Christmas trees. “We’re going to try and be pretty much year-round, but we’ll have some dormant months. As the flowers sleep, we’ll sleep and take a break,” she said.

She thinks that they’ll be closed between mid-December and the beginning of March.

Fazekas said that her husband is essential to the success of the business. “He gets up at 3 am and comes in and waters everything, then he drives to Albany to pour concrete all day, then he comes here again at 7 o’clock at night to water everything again.”

She and her three boys are running the business when they are open. “He does the behind the scenes stuff and I do the customer relations because I’m a talker.”

Photo by Dave Warner – Angela Fazekas tends to some of her plants at AW Greenhouse Gardens.

She says that they spent three months remodeling the building. “The only thing that we did not change is the original flooring because it was appropriate for what we do.”

Fazekas said that her father and husband were instrumental in the remodeling process, as well as her older son. Maxwells lumber also did a fractal countertop for one of their displays. “It was originally going to be our regular counter, but it wasn’t wide enough.”

“I tell people to come back here every week because it could be completely different. I’m always full of surprises,” she stated.

Hours for the business are 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday, and 11-5 on Sunday. You can find out more information about them by visiting their Facebook Page.