Invest in Little Falls

An Initiative to Highlight Investment in the Little Falls Opportunity Zone

Main Street Reimagined

Little Falls has numerous investment opportunities for its iconic main street including the purchase and restoration of mixed-use property in the downtown area to increase live/work opportunities, dining, entertainment, and retail spaces.

Place-making Waterfront Project

Visionaries see the opportunity to leverage the waterfront’s natural beauty as a placemaking opportunity with year-round public spaces for the appreciation of art, music and theater, dining, museums, real estate, and business developments…all easily accessible by boat, bike, vehicle or foot.

Historic Preservation

Little Falls has many historic preservation opportunities within the Opportunity Zone including the Western Park Bandstand, Subway Tunnel Project, Southside Bridge, Train Depot, and the City Hall building.

Public Spaces

Potential opportunities include the Rotary Park Fuel Project, Veterans Park Lighting, Moss Island park expansion, and the Lock 17 viewing area.

Industrial Development

Riverside Industrial Parkway has great investment potential for additional manufacturing space or consolidating warehousing through a low-cost acquisition for redevelopment or ground-up development.

Residential Development

There are multiple neighborhoods within the Opportunity Zone with affordable properties ready for single or multi-residential development, all within walking distance to parks, schools, the downtown, and waterfront districts.

How did they happen?

The governors of all 50 states and U.S. territories and the mayor of Washington, D.C., recommended the zones.

How many?

The U.S. Treasury Department has certified more than 8,700 opportunity zones from among all the census tracts in the United States.

Wide Investor Appeal

The promise of deferred taxes on capital gains and a potential tax-free profit down the road represents a powerful combination of incentives for investors at all levels.

Why are OZ's attractive?

The requirement that opportunity funds dedicate a large portion of their investments to improving property they invest in means that fund managers are unlikely to be interested in acquiring individual homes.

Real Change. Real Growth. Right Here. Right Now.

Invest 13365 is a catalyst for driving the City’s next wave of business vitality, social improvement, and cultural renewal.

Little Falls has a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities that opportunity zone investors are looking for to fuel economic growth. This includes real estate, place-making, waterfront, historic renovation, downtown redevelopment, and residential development.

If an investor retains an opportunity zone investment for at least five years, 10 percent of the initial investment is excluded from being taxed. After seven years, that figure increases to 15 percent.

“This is being called the biggest tax break in our lifetime,” says Tiffany Lewis, a broker with Synergy Properties in Spokane, Washington, who focuses on working with residential property investors.

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We’ve Been Investing Here For Over 5 years

Having an Opportunity Zone made it more attractive for us to invest in properties in the eastern end of the City, such as the Stone Mill building, with the idea that we’d turn that into more of a destination

Business Testimonials

“This is where I grew up… this community is special. I’ve had the opportunity in my career to travel globally and it wasn’t until then that I realized there was a special sauce here that is difficult to replicate living anywhere else.”
Dave Casullo

Rock City Development, LLC

“Being in business is difficult enough, being in business in a small town is even more difficult. The citizens of Little Falls are loyal because they see that I and my entire staff put tremendous effort into providing a great place for them to go.”
Eric Lewis

Copper Moose

“I moved all my businesses here because of the honest economical workforce, great people and great school system. If you’re used to doing business in a large city, you won’t even realize half the problems you have until you come here.”
Daniel Preston

Luminati Aerospace

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